At HEFON we are on a mission to coach as many NEW hospitality business owners as possible.  On this programme you will be part of a group of likeminded individuals who all want the same thing, to establish their new hospitality business over the first twelve months and set it on a course for success.
Richard runs every session, will answer all your questions, and makes sure you are on the right track to achieve this for your new business. 

This is how it works:

  • You will be part of a group of new hospitality owners.
  • We will meet in person every eight weeks.
  • Within the group we will all get to know each other really well.  We will become a supportive community, helping each other between meetings as well as when we are together.
  • Together we will look at where you want your business  to be within the next twelve months.
  • From experience we know that accountability is a great driver, and it helps with progress, so the group will all hold each other accountable so we can all achieve the goals we set.
  • It will be fun, inspiring, and motivating and will help you focus on what is really important to you and your business.
We know from our experiences that the success of any new hospitality business, very often comes down to the individual business owner. We will help you understand how your own personal development contributes massively towards this. You will get lots of help and support from Richard on this and his real life business journey, knowledge and experiences will give you a priceless insight into what it takes to make your first twelve months a success.
Drawing on your experiences of hospitality, you will all know the importance of feeling part of a strong, supportive team. In this programme you will become part of a community that will support each other, celebrate each other’s successes and be part of something that has a positive effect on ALL of the group and their businesses. A community that can be relied upon and that believes in each other. That in turn will help your new hospitality business to grow and flourish.
We know that one of the biggest challenges for most hospitality owners is getting enough of the right stuff implemented into their businesses. They make excuses, put it off, get nervous and most of the time, nothing happens. As part of the Start Up to 12 months programme, we make sure you will be held accountable by Richard and the rest of your group.
Having Richard In Your Business
With all that he has achieved, there is no one better to learn from and get the help, and inspiration you will need to get your hospitality business off to the right start. With his first hand experiences and knowledge, this really is priceless support.
As a member of the Start Up to 12 month programme you can expect to make real progress towards establishing your hospitality business, it being set up for success and accelerate rapidly over the next twelve months. You can expect to see a great return on your investment.
Our Start Up to 12 months programme costs just £299+ VAT per month with a minimum 12 month commitment.

Entry to join Start Up to 12 months is by application only. Please complete your details by clicking the button below.