Recruitment Support

The amount of hospitality businesses that don’t communicate properly with their applicants is staggering, but perhaps not surprising. When you’re dealing with everything else it’s hard to manage all your applicants from start to finish and can be a time consuming and frustrating task.  We can help make this easier for you and do some of the heavy lifting, making sure in the process your hospitality business stands out from the crowd and importantly, makes sure you leave ALL applicants with the absolute best possible impression of your business.

Basic Applicant Support

The first impression your business makes with someone that has applied for a job with you matters a lot. With this service we aim to be an extension of your business’s recruitment process, support what you currently do and make sure you stand out from the crowd in a competitive marketplace. We will communicate by email to every single applicant that has applied for a position within your business, making sure that those applicants feel valued by receiving a personal response to their application. 
Once you have screened all applications, we will respond on your behalf to all unsuccessful candidates with a personal email informing them that they have been unsuccessful, and we will make sure they feel that your business has dealt with them in the right way.
We can also help you in further ways in which your business can leave a positive and lasting impression on these applicants.

Premium Applicant Support

If you need additional help, we can support you further. We will get to know your business, understand what it stands for, so we get a real understanding of the type of applicants that you may be looking for. As well as communicating with every single applicant that applies to your business, we can provide a screening service in order to select suitable candidates from your job adverts for you then to interview. We will book in all interview appointments for you as quickly as possible as we fully understand that moving quickly is often key to securing great people. We will then deal with all email communications to unsuccessful applicants that have not got an interview, as well as communicating with unsuccessful interviewed candidates. 
Our aim is to support your business throughout this process allowing you to spend your valuable time conducting the actual interviews and we can then take care of everything else for you. We will also make sure that ALL candidates feel valued, communicated too and happy with their experience of your business, even if they have been unsuccessful in obtaining a position with you. 
This is a key driver for us because we fully understand the importance of making sure your whole applicant management process is dealt with in a way that means your business is seen positively by all applicants.
Should you wish to speak to us further about our applicant support services or any other kind of recruitment support you may need, please get in contact with us, and one of our team will be delighted to speak to you.