The Owner’s Academy is a place where ALL hospitality owners can learn more, grow more as a business owner, and be more successful.

Owning your own hospitality business is a dream come true for many.  It’s usually the culmination of many years of long hours, blood, sweat and often tears and of course really hard work. At HEFON we know that whist owning a hospitality business can be both fantastic and rewarding, the reality is that it becomes even harder and more demanding in ways that only owners can understand.

That’s why we have put together a range of courses that have been specifically designed to add value to you and your business. They will provide you as an owner with the help and support necessary to allow you and your hospitality business to flourish.

Why Invest In Your Own Training?

Fill in your skills gaps

As an owner you are constantly wearing multiple hats. Upskill and select a course that helps fill in any gaps for you.

Motivation and Support

Keep your motivation and enthusiasm high by learning and improving your own development.

Confidence and Validation

Learn from experts that have done what you are doing. Apply your learnings instantly and confidently to improve your business.
We have designed all our courses specifically to add value to ALL hospitality business owners, or those thinking about becoming one.  Our courses offer a unique in-depth learning experience that covers the many areas that owners need to master if they are to achieve real success.
Our courses cover a whole range of relevant and useful subject areas.  They are delivered by Richard and other leading experts in person and in small groups, so we can make sure that all participants receive the time and support they need during and after our training. We also make sure our training style is relaxed and informal as we like to ensure everybody in the training group contributes and feels at ease. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Owners Academy!

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