Review and Community Management Services

Review Management Services

We will make sure that every one of your customers receives a response to their feedback. That may involve saying thank you to a guest that has received great service from you, or it might mean responding and offering solutions for a negative experience. We will make sure your customers receive unique and personal replies aimed at improving your businesses reputation.

But imagine you’ve had a customer visit; they have had a fantastic time with you and have been really pleased. So pleased in fact, that they leave your business a glowing review!!

Then wait, they hear nothing, not a response to their review, or a thank you to them from your business. How is that customer going to feel now?

HEFON we fully appreciate that it’s not your intention to ignore your customers, but often there is not enough time in the day for every single job that needs taking care of. We also appreciate it can sometimes be difficult to find a fresh and genuine way to respond.
  • We will take the pressure off you and make it our top priority to respond to each and every customer review,
  • We will monitor your business across a variety of platforms making sure we deliver a human response to each and every customer on your behalf.
We know from experience that standard or templated responses are not acceptable and that your customers deserve a more personal, human response, so there are absolutely no automations here!!

So How Does It Work?

  • Helping you with your customer feedback and reviews could be as simple as us acknowledging a customer and providing them with your customer service contact details for you to then offer a resolution to a complaint or negative review.
  • It could involve us engaging with them on your behalf or thanking your happy customers, strengthening your business, and promoting return visits.
  • Whatever type of support you are looking at we can tailor a solution to fit.
  • When dealing with reviews, we would always advocate responding to all of them, across all platforms.
  • Responses should be consistent, and we will collaborate with you to outline and agree a specific response process always adhering to your business’s guidelines and tone of voice.
  • We will make sure we understand your business from top to bottom, responding to reviews as if we were an extension of your own team. 
  • Our aim is to improve your online reputation scores, maintain or indeed improve the love for your business as well as increasing its awareness.
  • Having a quality review management process in place has endless benefits for your bottom line.
  • We also realise that it’s important to be there for your customers during your busy periods, out of normal office hours and at other times when you may not be available, that’s why at HEFON we give you a guarantee that we will support you from 8am-10pm, 365 days a year. We will do whatever it takes.

Community Management Services

Community management is one of the biggest challenges faced by hospitality businesses. A social media presence is necessary for any business big or small and it’s absolutely vital to make sure your customers receive quick, human responses across all of your social platforms.

So How Does It Work?

  • At HEFON we can operate behind all of your social platforms to provide excellent service and support to your customers, 365 days a year from 8am to 10pm.
  • Our support can include a full service, answering all enquiries across your social sites, or we can offer a more flexible service to help with out of hours stuff for you.
  • We know it’s important to make sure we have the correct tone of voice and reflect the values of your business when interacting with your customers and our aim is to simply be an extension of your team.
  • We will also make sure that the interactions we have with your customers meet any specific goals that your business may have, things like driving engagement or sales, getting more reviews or simply to provide customer care when you can’t.


Often, social media is the method that lots of customers will use to book. A quick Facebook message or DM can often get missed at peak times or if you’re busy running your business. We can help you manage and maximise these opportunities and as part of our community management service we can respond, gather details, and then check with you or your team regarding availability or indeed use an agreed booking system if you have one. Either way our aim is to make sure your business doesn’t miss any valuable revenue opportunities, and bookings are dealt with and confirmed as swiftly as possible for you.

Social Listening

With all of the ever present chatter online, wouldn’t it be great to be able to monitor what’s being said about your hospitality business? Whether that’s general online discussions, which in turn could help you understand how potential customers feel about your business, or in other conversations that take place about your business, allowing you to pick up complaints or PR issues at an early stage or indeed simply connecting with potential customers to allow you to increase engagement or awareness. Whatever strategy you may have in mind we can help with our social listening service as we are able to tailor our service to your specific requirements. Having the inside track on what’s being said about your business online really is a powerful and valuable insight to have, and we would love to help should you require this support.