We are here for the HOSPITALITY ENTREPRENEURS, the FOUNDERS, the OWNERS, the NEW STARTERS, the change makers. We are here for YOU!
We have been there OURSELVES, we have been in YOUR SHOES, we know what it TAKES, we know how it FEELS.

Whatever it is that you want for your business….

More Sales

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We will give you all the motivation, tools, help and support needed to get ahead and achieve MORE with your hospitality business.

Whatever type of hospitality business you own, whether that’s a pub, restaurant, hotel, café, takeaway, bed and breakfast, coffee shop or something else. Hospitality Entrepreneurs, Founders and Owners Nationwide’s sole purpose is to motivate, educate, support and inspire ALL hospitality owners to achieve more.


Starting, building, and growing a hospitality business is tough, it takes a lot.  By becoming a member of HEFON we are going to make it easier for you.


If you are looking for more personal help and support then our coaching will be perfect for you.


You can’t do every single job that needs doing yourself. We have put together a range of services that we know hospitality owners will find useful to have.

The Owners Academy

The Owners Academy is a place where ALL hospitality owners can learn more, grow more as a business owner, and be more successful.

Hospitality Entrepreneurs, Founders and Owners Nationwide, or HEFON as we prefer to call it, has been created to support, educate, motivate, and give inspiration to ALL hospitality owners to help them achieve more with their businesses.  We think it is so frustrating that so many hospitality businesses are falling way short of their true potential.  As an owner just getting by or being rooted in mediocracy, which is common for so many, happens because they don’t get the real-life support, coaching, training or back up needed that will allow them to succeed and prosper.  HEFON is here to put that right!
Hi, my name is Richard Sargeant and I am the founder of HEFON. 
First let me tell you a little bit about me and what I have done so far. I’ve co-founded three separate independent hospitality businesses building them all from scratch and all with very little start up money. I grew them into a business that had 33 company owned locations throughout the U.K. a team of over 1000 and a turnover of £30 million, so I know exactly what it takes and how it feels to be a hospitality owner. As well as experiencing great successes, receiving awards and recognition, along will selling some of my businesses, I’m also not ashamed to say that I have failed at some things along the way. I know failure makes you stronger, it teaches you an awful about yourself and about business and once you have experienced it, it equips you with an unwavering determination for whatever you do next. Having had all these experiences, I wanted to find a way to help as many hospitality owners as possible to achieve more with their own hospitality businesses. So that’s why I founded HEFON to do just that! And remember, I know exactly what it’s like to own a hospitality business. I understand the everyday challenges. I get the emotional rollercoasters. I’ve felt the highs and the lows. So whatever type of hospitality business you own and whatever stage you are at, let us help you get your business to where it deserves to be.

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